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You can improve yourself and your life, using the simple methods here at Inner Unity. See, your outer world mirrors your inner world , and this is good news.  After all, you have the power to change your inner self. Techniques like Sun Meditation, ERT and Acceptance Meditation help you change your inner self. That in turn can ripple out and effect your world.

Both professionals and non professionals atest that Inner Unity is among the most simple and effective methods for inner change.


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How Can Inner Unity Help You?

How Can You Transcend From Your Current Limitations

How to Acheive Self Transcendence

Do you feel that you are limited? Do your limits come from within – fears, anger, blind spots or just feeling stuck, or do they come from the outside – your life conditions, people or the world in general? Either way, Inner Unity techniques help you identify the limitations and then, using one of the Deep Healing Meditations, resolve them. Working with Inner Unity you will be freer to lead the life you want.

How Do You Love Yourself

Do you love yourself for being  good, smart, successful? Do you love yourself at all? Really loving yourself need not come with  conditions. When you truly love yourself purely you become stronger and whole. Through Inner Unity Self Love workshops, working with Inner Unity trained Guides or taking the online training series,  you can develop unconditional self love and have inner strength and harmony. 

Manifest How to Get What You Want

Do you want things that you just cannot get? There are two types of  blocks to getting what you want: your inner blocks and the world limiting you. With Inner Unity’s “Create Your World” program, you can resolve your internal barriers, attract the right elements to you and see more ways to deal with the obstacles to your goal, reducing or eliminating them. The program is designed to help you be happy with your life.

Reprogram Your Mind

It might sound like science fiction,  that we can  “program” and “reprogram” ourselves. At the center of our being, we have a Central Processing Unit (CPU) that operates our bodies, minds and all other facets of our beings. The Deep Healing Meditations work directly on the hardware and software of the CPU changing you on your deepest levels. This is a major research area of Inner Unity, as it is key to our Self Transcendence

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