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Inner Unity – Easy and Powerful

In my years of teaching, researching and developing consciousness healing methods I found that most of the good techniques fall into one of two categories: easy and powerful. The easy techniques are great, because they allow most people to address their problems on a daily basis helping them to feel better. The powerful techniques go into the inner system and make real change, but they are usually difficult, time consuming and complex.

I made it my mission to understand the system that lies at the base of our consciousness and to create techniques that are both easy and powerful. The result is Inner Unity.

Simple Techniques for Self-Transcendence

Don’t let the simplicity of Inner Unity techniques fool you. By doing the simple Deep Healing Meditations you build the core of your consciousness making you stronger in all aspects of your life. As far as I am aware of, Inner Unity is the only simple technique that expands your inner limits and helps you self-transcend with every process, growing beyond who you were. For some people just being free of a certain fear is great self-transcendence and for others, finding peace, connecting to the divine, the universe. Inner Unity touches them all.

The Theory

Inner Unity is based on two main understandings:

  1. Our awareness is actually a composite of plural awarenesses – the Plural Awareness Theory – that have to cooperate in harmony for us to function well.
  2. At the core of our awareness there is something like a nano-computer that operates our being – the Inner Central Processing Unit (ICPU). The ICPU works with algorithms that operate our being.

The Inner Unity Deep Healing Meditations create harmony, cooperation and unity between awarenesses and enhance the ICPU by cleaning up the hardware and adding new algorithms to its software. You are basically programming yourself to be more.

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About Tal

Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Tal Laks and I have been researching, developing and teaching about consciousness and healing since 2003. I was first a research assistant to Adam Waisel MD, an orthopedic doctor who researched and explored medicine beyond the conventional Western paradigm in the Institute for Study of Peak States(ISPS). After Dr. Waisel sadly passed away, I joined Dr. McFetridge’s R&D team at the ISPS where I explored the origins of consciousness, developed healing procedures and techniques, and as teaching director I and taught and trained therapists, created programs and oversaw the other teachers.

In 2010 I moved on from the ISPS wanting to explore areas that were not in the purview of its work. I went on a great journey personally, professionally and spiritually as I discovered these deep constructs of our awareness and developed easy-to-use techniques to enhance them.

Now I am bringing you the fruit of this labor of love – teaching, sharing and continuing to develop Inner Unity so that I can give you more experiences of self-transcendence.

I invite you to look into our various workshops or experience Inner Unity in a personal session

Tal Laks Developer and Founder of Inner Unity

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Practicing Inner Unity

Whether you want to enhance yourself using Inner Unity techniques or you want to learn the system in depth and become a practitioner, we have programs that will fit your needs. I suggest that you start with the free basic Sun Meditation Guide. You can then decide if you want to take some of our workshops to get more tools, work with a practitioner on personal sessions or dive into the depth of it and take a full training

Either way, we welcome you to the Inner Unity community, where we support you to can become more than you ever imagined. 

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