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Acceptance Meditation

Used on a singular issue or emotion, to reach a state of deep and complete acceptance and surrender. When completely there, the situation changes on its own. Heals damaged hardware, such as crystals in the iCPU.


A sequence of actions in the iCPU. The actions consist of crystals each emitting its frequency in turn creating a complex action – the algorithm.


Merging together several people / things that play the same role. The new being created represents the awareness that you are working with more accurately.


The quality of having or showing realization, perception or knowledge. Our awareness is divided into plural awarenesses that ideally operate in harmony but in reality, do not. The different awarenesses came in with simple organisms or viruses at different times in evolution, first to create the first complex Eukaryotic cell and then in every evolutionary development, adding complexity to the system. In Inner Unity techniques, every player and every archetype is actually an awareness that is going into the process.

Awareness Origin

The first creation of life of a certain awareness. The change from unaware to aware. You regress back to the moment where there is no awareness at all and experience the coming to life with the awareness. This helps your awareness in the present to realign according to its original structure.

Center of Awareness (COA)

The part of you that feels genuinely “You”. It can be anywhere in your body and sometimes out of your body. It can be small or big, one or split. You can control your COA, however sometimes it can be stuck in size or location and that requires healing / transcending.

Since we are made of multiple awarenesses, as we move our COA around we can sense the different awarenesses associated with each location in our body. We can listen to each awareness talking and even to our biological organs, as we shift our COA from place to place.


Any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philosophy (Webster Dictionary). In Inner Unity, Chakras are made of the same type of crystals as the iCPU. Chakras can be healed by feeling the frequency emitting from the crystals and running Acceptance Meditation on them. The Chakras are connected to the Chakra System which is a pipe-like system running through us cleansing impurities, much like the lymphatic system. The fluid then comes back to the Chakras and is cleansed there – goes in dirty and comes out pure.

Chakra System

The Chakra System is a pipe-like system running through us cleansing impurities, much like the lymphatic system in our bodies. The pipes are made of the same type of crystals as the Chakras and the iCPU and they carry fluids that collect impurities, carry them to the Chakras to be cleansed and continue the flow endlessly. At times there may be a block in the tube system. In such a case, go to the location of the block and allow the flow – any thoughts, emotions, phrases, visuals, sensations etc. that come up, let them flow through you as if you were a pipe yourself, until they come up clean.

Cognitive Distortion

The relationships between the awarenesses or impurities in the iCPU create a filter through which we see the world. This filter can distort what we perceive, and in turn, we express these distortions in our language. These expressions are summarized in Burn’s ten cognitive distortions (All or nothing thinking; Overgeneralization; Mental filter; Disqualifying the positive; Jumping to conclusions; Magnification and minimization; Emotional reasoning; Should statements; Labeling / mislabeling; Personalization). Using language as an indicator helps trace back the problem to the relationships between the awarenesses and resolve the problem with ERT / Sun Meditation / Acceptance.


The basic unit constructing the iCPU, Chakra and Chakra System. The crystals are sensitive to frequencies – they are affected by certain frequencies and emit a certain frequency. This is the basic unit of the computer-like operating system.


Another word for an algorithm. When talking about “Cycles” we are referring more to the emotional-mental-physical impact of the algorithm. It is important to allow cycles to reach completion. Being stuck in any part of it – positive or negative – is a sign of malfunction.


Taking out players and allowing them to interact. Sometimes when dialoguing you can move yourself or your awareness from one player to another to move the dynamic forward.

Earth Meditation

An exercise in which you go to the center of the earth and expand to the whole planet. While doing Earth Meditation it is important to feel the vibration of the pulse of the earth, a low frequency, slow rhythm drum-beat. Earth Meditation promotes stability and being grounded.


Evolution Regression Transcendence. In ERT you take out all the relevant players (awarenesses) and regress to their original coming together in evolution. You then give them the space to finish their negotiation until they reach a place of harmonic cooperation and new routes of communication are opened between them resulting in new algorithms and connections in the iCPU. It resolves software issues.


The action of allowing whatever comes to go through you and out. When allowing the “Flow” process it is best not to look too deeply into whatever comes – emotions, thoughts etc. but to allow them to leave and even be forgotten. Flow is used when opening a block in a tube in the Chakra System.

Hardware Issues

The “hardware” of our system is the iCPU, Chakra system and some other parts. Issues that are connected to the hardware are blocks in the Chakra System, Chakra repair, and damage in the iCPU.


Cleaning out the “garbage” to reveal original structure.


An internal computer like structure that operates our being. The iCPU operates on frequencies, and with sequences of frequencies creates algorithms that result in complex functions. The iCPU is made of many smaller computers – mini iCPUs that work together. With each turn in evolution, an awareness enters our being and contributes its iCPU to the main iCPU becoming one of many mini-iCPUs. The cooperation between all these small computers is what allows us to be complex beings on one hand but is grounds for many of our problems on the other.

Mini iCPU

A single mini iCPU comes in with a new awareness and joins the main iCPU. A mini iCPU has a center and crystals creating a sphere around it held in place by magnetic force. Many mini iCPUs have some kind of calcification between the crystals making them seem like caves. However, the well-functioning state of the mini iCPU is clean of calcification.


Feeling nothing – no emotion, sensation, thoughts. Not to be confused with numbness or blankness.


When putting the content aside, you can find an underlying structure – a pattern that you change using ERT or Sun Meditation. Patterns are often easier to detect when examining several incidences, but possible to detect in a single incident as well.

Players / Parts

When looking at an issue the different parts at play are players. They can be people, objects feelings. You first take out the obvious ones and then you will see that there may be some reactions – each reaction represents a player. When they are all out, you feel neutral. Player / Part =  Awareness.

Primordial Sun

An early Sun that exploded in a supernova and its matter eventually created our solar system, including Earth and everything on it. Regressing back to the Primordial Sun provides an arena for deep healing and transcendence. The Primordial Sun resolves software issues. As of late there may be evidence that it affects hardware as well (as opposed to regular Sun Meditation).

Root Cause Analysis

Using different tools including formal logic to find the initial cause of the issue.

Self Transcendence

Enhancing the system to self-clean and deter “garbage”, and expanding the structure.

Software Issue

An issue that has to do with relationships, with its source in lack of communication within the iCPU. By using ERT or Sun Meditation you create new lines of communication in the iCPU and enhance the algorithms.

Soul Loss / Soul Piece

A piece of an awareness that seems to have removed itself from the main awareness and goes off to take care of the awareness’s interests like spying or influencing what other awarenesses do – Soul Piece. The Soul Piece leaves behind a crater that creates a feeling of lack or loss – Soul Loss. In effect, this is cross-wiring in the iCPU. By bringing them back to place by projecting love and then Sun Meditation or by using ERT the wiring gets sorted out and the pieces return to their rightful place.

Sun Meditation

A healing meditation in which you take your issue and rise to the Sun, going to the center of the Sun. There you allow the golden liquid of the Sun to fill you and dissolve everything inside you and expand to the full size of the Sun, radiating out to the universe and floating in space. Sun Meditation creates new connections in the iCPU, opening lines of communications. It resolves software issues.


Creating a timeline helps on several points:

1.       If there was a shift in life (“I used to be happy, but I have been sad for a long time”), the moment of shift is central to understanding the problem.

2.       When there are many elements, a timeline helps put some order in the story and better understand it.

3.       When looking for the root of the problem you are dealing with, determining CAUSALITY is important. One of the tools to find causality is to determine a timeline. The CAUSE happens before the EFFECT.

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