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ERT (Evolution Regression Transcendence)

What is ERT?

This process is so easy, my five year old can do it! In ERT you learn to identify and address awarenesses in your subconsciousness that are part of the issue you are working on. You take them to a space in which they can renegotiate their relationship with each other. At this point all you do is sit quietly and watch the show until they reach silence and neutrality.

The effect is profound. The awarenesses connect and erase patterns that make you feel trauma.

How Does ERT Work?

When different parts of us came together over the course of evolution, making us the complex beings we are today, there was a dynamic between them, much like group dynamics that you can encounter in your every day life. The talks between the parts did not necessarily reach an optimal end, but rather an end that would allow us to exist.

When doing ERT, you regress to the junction where these awarenesses had their dynamic and you let them continue their talks, struggles, arguments etc. until they reach a point of harmonic cooperation and even unity.


This, in effect opens up new communication channels in the ICPU and strengthening your internal structure and resolving all the issues that resulted in the patterns that the destructive dynamic created. 

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