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Deep Healing Meditations

Inner Unity Deep Healing Meditations are designed to work on your core self and to enhance it. By enhancing your core self, you can easily deal with obstacles in your life and self-transcend to be a greater person.

These are some of the techniques developed. I will add more techniques to the list and make them available to you. Inner Unity is in an ongoing process, and you can follow our development in our monthly newsletter or here on the site to be up-to-date on our newest offerings.

Sun Meditation – this is a simple yet powerful meditation that you can use either to resolve a certain issue that is bothering you or just open your day with it to fill yourself with energy. The Sun Meditation opens internal lines of communication creating new connections in the ICPU, enhancing its operation.

ERT (Evolution Regression Technique) – ERT works directly with your awarenesses, giving them the right arena to negotiate, argue, vent their grievances until they reach a point of full cooperation and harmony. This technique helps you regress through your story of evolution, creating the person that you are today. Like Sun Meditation, ERT also creates new connections in the ICPU.

Deep Acceptance – Acceptance is a powerful tool, as many before me have already found. The unique Deep Acceptance Meditation here at Inner Unity takes it further. The strange yet beautiful thing about this process is that when you reach a deep state of acceptance and are completely surrendered it flips around and your world suddenly opens up.

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