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Acceptance Meditation

What is Acceptance Meditation?

Acceptance is a super simple process. All you have to do is accept. However, as opposed to ERT or Sun Meditation, it can be difficult. The process leads you to accept completely and surrender to the very thing you want to change, which goes against our instincts. 

When you reach a deep state of full acceptance, your circumstances change. The issue dissolves and your perspective changes. 

How Does Acceptance Meditation Work?

Our system, the ICPU, works on frequencies. Sometimes a frequency malfunctions, and causes us to feel a problem – fear, axiety, anger – even when they are not warranted or needed. In the Acceptance Meditation process, you clear away all the white noise covering this rogue frequency, hone in on it and resonate it. When you resonate the rogue frequency you calm it down and restore its function.

In effect, the system was “on” all the time. Now after addressing it, it only operates when it is needed.

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