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Practicing Inner Unity

Inner Unity is made to give you a simple and easy set of tools to work on yourself. You can work on yourself using the techniques in the Basic Sun Meditation Guide or you can take one or more of the workshops to get a wider set of tools and be guided in person. For your bigger issues you might want to work with me or one of the Inner Unity Practitioners. If you wish to learn the theory behind Inner Unity, learn the practice in depth and perhaps become a practitioner yourself, you can join one of our full trainings.

Whichever format suits you best, your life will be calmer, richer and happier having integrated Inner Unity into it. 

Practice Inner Unity


Join workshops and learn how to take charge of your life

Take power over your life. Learn to self-transcend with Inner Unity techniques. These workshops will give you the tools you need to live a fuller, happier satisfying life.

Inner Unity gives you the power to take control over your life and to live it to the fullest. 

Personal Sessions

Work with an Inner Unity practitioner to help you with those tough issues

Take personal sessions with an Inner Unity practitioner to help you look into those hard to crack issues. Sometimes you need an objective trained eye to spot your problem and help you through. 

Let Inner Unity practitioners help you through your hard times. 


Inner Unity Training

Do you want to learn what makes your core self tick? Do you want to train to be an Inner Unity Practitioner and help people through their most difficult issues?

Inner Unity intensive training will teach you all about your inner self and coach you to work with people. 

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