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Sun Meditaion

What is Sun Meditation?

Easy and effective, just about anyone can do Sun Meditation reaching amazing results. In Sun Meditation, you go to the center of the sun and allow the sun’s golden fluids to melt away all resistance. It is a pleasant process that resolves internal conflict and salves your pain.

There are different levels of working with Sun Meditation. The deeper you go in defining your issue and facing it, the more precise and profound the evolution and self-transcendence you will experience.,

Sun Meditation

That said, even if you just do the Sun Meditation in its simplest form with no issue to focus on, you will grow internally, feel better and become energized.

How Does Sun Meditation Work?

We are still looking into why Sun Meditation is so very effective, but I can give you what we have so far. Sun Meditation works on two levels. On the first level, it triggers ancient “memories” that are imprinted in us of a time when we were all one. This realization relaxes the awarenesses that are in conflict and allows them to connect. On the second level, Sun Meditation takes you to a place where the awarenesses come together and using the golden light imagery you release blockages between them, allowing them to connect and operate together. 

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